Latest Updates

Hello all! This year blasted off at a blistering pace, leaving me with hands on my knees, holding my side, and wheezing, “What happened to January?!” It’s been such a fun writing journey the past few months! Thanks for coming along on this ride with me! Below are a few of the latest updates:

My self-published picture book (published in conjunction with a fellow NASA employee) Teddy the Tardigrade Travels to Space released two weeks ago!! It’s available for order on Amazon here.

March is going to be HUGE! On March 1, the Hindsight: Untold Stories from 2020 anthology will be available to order worldwide. My story, “Unblinded,” gives a narrative account of my real-life experience as a participant in the COVID-19 vaccine trials. This book is jam-packed with amazing accounts of the bizarre year that we lived through. And isn’t this cover gorgeous?!!

You could win a copy!!

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Enter by February 15, 2023 at 11:59 p.m. EST.

Later in March, I’m off to my first in-person regional SCBWI conference in Atlanta! Another writer and I are giving a talk on the write for hire market.

Speaking of write-for-hire, my two North Star Editions books will release in August of this year! I am so proud of these two titles – one that details the standard climate and the changes in climate that we’ve seen in the Southeast (my home region!) and one about DISNEY!! Tell your school librarians about these series – the Climate Crisis series and the Top Brands series. Who doesn’t want to read about Legos, ESPN, and Disney?

I’d LOVE to hear from you!!! Drop me a comment below or comment on/follow me on Twitter. Nothing’s better than connecting with readers. Till soon!

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