• HELLO SNOW – Little Dot loves Snow, even though they have never met. Hoping to convince Snow to “sprinkle by,” she mails Snow a letter…and receives one reply…and then another! But as the months drag on and Snow does not visit, Dot realizes that unique beauty is all around, even in her warmer part of the world. Picture book – 520 words
  • OUT OF SHAPE – Circle is the only one in his class with no straight lines. Everywhere he looks: right angles and vertices! But he does have a hidden talent – spinning, whirling, racing! When the Autumn Chase Race is announced, Circle knows this could be his chance to stand out. Then Oval joins his class, and Circle learns the most important lesson of all: being yourself is the best shape there is! Picture book – 450 words
  • SEED, CHICK, SOIL – On the same day, a seed, a chick, and a raindrop are born. This lyrical, non-fiction picture book follows each one as they grow, change, and interact with each other, showing children how seemingly unrelated parts of nature help each other. 260 words
  • PROJECT ENDERBURY – The Morrison family explores the last frontier – our planet’s oceans. When Luke, Clara, and their dad find evidence of a sinister plot by a shadowy corporation to exploit an endangered marine species, they must race against the clock to rescue each other…and the oceans they love! Middle grade – 28,000 words