• HELLO SNOW – Dot and her stuffed animal, Chilly, want nothing more than to WHOOSH and SWOOSH down a snow-covered hill. And so, convinced that Snow got lost last year, they send Snow a letter…and receive a reply! As months roll by, the letters fly, but Snow never shows. In the end, Dot and Chilly discover the unique fun all around them – and this fun doesn’t melt. Picture book – 500 words
  • CIRCLE’S SPECIAL SIDE – Circle is not like any other shape in his class. While they are only straight lines, right angles, and vertices, he does not have any of those in his whole body! His teacher is certain that Circle will find his special side, even though he may not know what it is…yet. But when one of his classmates is in danger, Circle races to the rescue and discovers that helping others is the most special “side” of all. Picture book – 380 words
  • MANY HANDS: A CRAWFISH BOIL STORY- Tess is not sure that her hands are big enough to help Gram with their family crawfish boil. But as Gram’s hands guide her own, Tess discovers that her hands are one of the many special ingredients that season this family tradition. Picture book – 400 words
  • PROJECT ENDERBURY – The Morrison family explores the last frontier – our planet’s oceans. When Luke, Clara, and their dad find evidence of a sinister plot by a shadowy corporation to exploit an endangered marine species, they must race against the clock to rescue each other…and the oceans they love! Middle grade – 28,000 words