Middle Grade Drafts

Martha’s Snoozing Blues

Spring has arrived here in the South. Blustery breezes, terrific tornadoes, and bursting blossoms. And with the change in season comes another #kidlit opportunity – the Spring Fling KidLit Contest – sponsored by the indefatigable Kaitlyn Sanchez and Ciara O’Neal! Thank you both so much for all you do to inspire, challenge, and encourage the… Continue reading Martha’s Snoozing Blues

Robot Vs. Robin – 50 Precious Words Entry

Vivian Kirkfield is an amazing champion of the kidlit community! Not only are her children’s books thoughtfully and beautifully written, but she also takes time to encourage aspiring children’s writers…like myself. Thank you, Vivian! Every year, she sponsors a contest called “50 precious words.” The rules for entry can be found here. In summary, she… Continue reading Robot Vs. Robin – 50 Precious Words Entry

Home Renovations

Our house is in shambles. Walls have been knocked down, studs revealed, old wiring uncovered. The mysterious pipe in the pantry, well, turns out that is a gas line. “We wondered about that,” I laugh with my contractors as we pivot to deal with the house’s secrets now laid bare. We are renovating and adding… Continue reading Home Renovations

Pandemic School, Part 7

Connie is better. Caleb is better. The whole world is inhaling more easily. A new year has begun. But…everything is still difficult; nothing is as it once was. Perhaps it never will be again. My history teacher keeps drawing parallels between our times and the World Wars. Each worldwide collision with our mortality left society… Continue reading Pandemic School, Part 7


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