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First Stories!! Featuring Amber Hendricks

Hello friends and welcome back to the First Stories series, where I talk to writers (published, unpublished, agented, unagented) about their first story – the one that really compelled them to pursue writing and publishing. The previous interviews from 2022 with Bonnie Kelso, Laura Zimmermann, Chelsea Lin Wallace, and Valerie Bolling have been incredible! I… Continue reading First Stories!! Featuring Amber Hendricks

The Hindsight 2020 Anthology

Sometime in the last year, I stumbled across a call for stories from average people around the world. All navigating life during the pandemic. A select few of these submissions would be compiled in a hardcover volume documenting the odd, the authentic, the diverse, the bizarre “normal” world during the pandemic. From the “About” section… Continue reading The Hindsight 2020 Anthology


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Hi, I’m Heather. Previously a research scientist for a NASA contractor, I have spent the last two years seriously pursuing my dream of writing and publishing. I spend most of my time with my kids and husband enjoying the beautiful stories found in the ordinary and every day.

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