Middle Grade Drafts

Pandemic School, Part 6

My body sat motionless in front of my computer screen. My ears vaguely registered my world history teacher’s droning. My eyes glazed from the blue haze emanating from my laptop. My mind and heart floated far away, next to my best friend, her body also motionless. A ventilator breathed for her. I sucked in aContinue reading “Pandemic School, Part 6”

October submission for Press 53’s 53 word contest

Press 53 is a unique publisher of poetry and short stories and other fiction. Each month, they sponsor a 53-word “story” contest focused around a specific monthly prompt. Check out past winners and this month’s prompt here. In October, I participated in the 53-word challenge using the prompt “brewing”. The story can only have 53Continue reading “October submission for Press 53’s 53 word contest”


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Hi, I’m Heather. Previously a research scientist for a NASA contractor, I have spent the last two years seriously pursuing my dream of writing and publishing. I spend most of my time with my kids and husband enjoying the beautiful stories found in the ordinary and every day.

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