Ghost House – 11th Annual Halloweensie Entry

Susannah Leonard Hill is the author of multiple fun picture books and sponsors three online kidlit contests throughout the year - one for Halloween, the holiday season, and Valentine's Day. She and many other kidlit authors are incredibly generous to host these contests, read through the amazing entries, and offer awards like manuscript critiques and… Continue reading Ghost House – 11th Annual Halloweensie Entry

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Robot Vs. Robin – 50 Precious Words Entry

Photo by Chris on Unsplash Vivian Kirkfield is an amazing champion of the kidlit community! Not only are her children's books thoughtfully and beautifully written, but she also takes time to encourage aspiring children's myself. Thank you, Vivian! Every year, she sponsors a contest called "50 precious words." The rules for entry can be… Continue reading Robot Vs. Robin – 50 Precious Words Entry


“Giveaway” – 53 word contest entry

Press 53 sponsors a 53-word story contest every month. Their winners are fantastic - amazing what they can do with such a short word count! This month's theme was "giving". Check out the winner for November and the contest rules at Giveaway By Heather Cash Morris Her wealthy aunt’s final words had been “I’m… Continue reading “Giveaway” – 53 word contest entry