The Hindsight 2020 Anthology

Sometime in the last year, I stumbled across a call for stories from average people around the world. All navigating life during the pandemic. A select few of these submissions would be compiled in a hardcover volume documenting the odd, the authentic, the diverse, the bizarre “normal” world during the pandemic.

From the “About” section of the website – “So we put out a call for stories from 2020. We received hundreds of submissions from people in more than 28 countries about their lives during that trying time. Teachers and students, fathers and mothers, nurses and lovers — everyone had a story to share.

We have done our best to compile an anthology of stories that is equal parts fascinating, diverse, and authentic to the experience of living through 2020. The end result is Hindsight, a book of true stories about 2020 written by everyday people.

I wrote and submitted a short story about my real-life adventure of participating in the Pfizer vaccine clinical trial, and I was elated to receive an acceptance letter and contract from the compiler/editor, Steven Fowler! It is an immense honor to be included in this unique volume alongside 25 other talented writers. Their stories range from the Australian bush fires in the early months of 2020 to giving birth during a raging pandemic.

This book is scheduled for release in late 2022. I hope you’ll pick up a copy as a remembrance of the strange year that was 2020 – not the terrible stories, but the stories of hope and resilience. To find out more and read the bios of the contributors, go here:


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