More Than Enough

We all talk about life without limits, but really, we know we are bound. Trapped within time, restricted by resources, fettered by the laws of matter and energy. Our whole understanding of economics is predicated on the idea of limits. You know, supply and demand? Limited resources. Supply chain snarls. Sounds familiar, huh? We operate with a set number of hours in our days. A set paycheck (one hopes!). A fixed lifetime. We are beginning to realize that resources that once seemed limitless are finite – water, land, food, oxygen.

However –

There is one resource in this world that smacks of heaven, of the infinite.


Love provides the currency for God’s upside-down economy. Where the last are first, no one goes hungry, the rich are brought low, the lowly lifted up. Love is the foundation of God’s glowing, translucent generosity. There’s an applicable synonym – but without the exact same definition – that gets thrown around: GRACE. Unmerited favor. Something that is a gift. Completely undeserved.

This is the heavenly economy where 5 loves and 2 fish feed five thousand. Did they deserve it? Where one hour workers are paid a full day’s wages. No way did they deserve that! Where one man’s blood covers all sin by all people for all of time. He didn’t deserve what happened to him; they don’t deserve what happens to them because of his sacrifice. Where we humans can never be good enough and one man’s death is more than enough.

Copyright © 2022 by H.C. Morris

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