First Stories Update AND #PBCritiqueFest

Happy fall to all of you!

Thank you for all of the support for the First Stories series over the past few weeks! Tina Cho, Amanda Davis, Norene Paulson, and Brian Gehrlein gave us so much to think about as they shared their very first stories and what they learned and how they have grown as writers. I have many more awesome interviews coming, but have decided to shift to an every two weeks schedule. Be on the lookout for more awesome interviews and giveaways in the weeks to come.

Next week, Allen R. Wells, from my SCBWI region – Southern Breeze – will be sharing his first stories and subsequent writing journey!

Not only are cooler winds breezing through many areas, but writing contests and opportunities ABOUND in the month of October. From Fall Writing Frenzy (which closed to submissions recently) to the Halloweensie contest, writers have plenty of chances to practice crafting crisp stories. Another amazing opportunity is #PBCritiqueFest, sponsored by one of our First Stories authors, Brian Gehrlein.

In order to win a critique from an author, illustrator, or agent, you’ll need to navigate over to Brian’s site, Picture Book Spotlight. Fill out the registration form and post throughout the two weeks for more entries into the raffle.

Good luck, picture book writers, and I’ll see you back next week for another First Story interview!

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