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Love is Brave – “Valentiny” Entry

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Below is my entry for Susanna L. Hill’s awesome “Valentiny” contest, which can be found here. Her challenge – write a story about someone or something who is “brave” in 214 words or less. Our family moved last year – just across town – but our move meant that our three children had to change schools and leave behind some dear friends in our old neighborhood.

I wrote this for them.

LOVE IS BRAVE, 167 words

 Valentine’s -
 One week away!
 Zoe’s favorite

 “I'll make cards!”
 Zoe cheers,
 “For my friends
 Close to here.” 
 But then – sigh –
 Zoe blinks.
 “What friends?”
 Zoe thinks.
 Best friend
 Far away.
 Zoe moved.
 Tina stayed.
 Tears gather.
 Drip drop.
 Once flowing
 Hard to stop.
 Daddy’s hand
 Smooths her hair.
 “Brave girl,
 Want to share?”
 “I miss my friend!”
 Zoe cries.
 Daddy holds her, 
 “So do I.”
 Zoe sniffs,
 “You miss friends too?”
 Daddy nods,
 “I sure do.”
 Then he says,                                                  
 “It’s OK
 To miss your friend
 Far away.
 But Valentine’s
 The perfect day
 To send cards
 So you can say…”
 “LOVE you, MISS you!”
 Zoe shouts,
 Grabs her glue,
 Pulls scissors out.
 Paper crackles.
 Clip, snip.
 Glitter globs.
 Glue drips.
 Cards galore!
 White and red
 Hang to dry
 “One for Tina,
 One for you,
 One for Mommy,
 One for…new?”
 “My kind girl,”
 Daddy smiles,
 “Keeps her friend
 Across the miles.
 But ready for
 A new friend too.
 Love is ALWAYS
 The brave thing to do.” 

© by Heather C. Morris 2021

13 thoughts on “Love is Brave – “Valentiny” Entry”

  1. Nicely paced sweet story, Heather, with such a lovely relationship between Zoe and Dad. And it’s true – Valentines is a perfect opportunity to let someone you miss know you’re thinking of them, or to offer friendship to someone new 😊

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