Day seven of the 12 Days of Christmas for Writers sponsored/led by Julie Hedlund. Thus far, each exercise has been challenging, sparking reflection. Today’s exercise was EASY and wonderful! Make a gratitude list:

My husband, who has encouraged my work as a NASA contractor and has supported my switch to writing whole-heartedly. Thank you for helping me pursue my dream!

My kids – indescribable joy – that’s what you are

My dear LORD Jesus – in You I live and move and have my being

My dog and cat

My church family

My extended family – mom, dad, grandparents, in-laws, aunts, uncles – you have seen me curled up with a book or hunched over a sheet of paper for my whole life!

My friends – near and far – you are special, you are cherished…you might end up in one of my manuscripts 🙂

Our new house…and the addition to our house

Our new neighborhood

The many, many dear friends in our new neighborhood (see #7)

Running water…and the Rinnai tankless heater

Hiking, biking, jogging

Long walks with my pup

Fragrant candles

Snuggly blankets and slippers

The Highlights Foundation courses I am taking

12×12 picture book challenge

Cars to drive

Groceries and delicious food from nearby restaurants

Wine, coffee, chocolate…oh my!

The Mandalorian on Disney +

All of Disney +

Tex-mex food

The mountains and valleys in my hometown – you form the backdrop of my life

OUR AMAZING teachers!!

Hercule Poirot…and Agatha Christie

Our backyard with the firepit

Board games

Baking with my girls

Critique partners

Bookshelves full of good books – old friends who have taught me so much

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