Holiday Helper’s Contest Entry!

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Well, I did not think I had an entry for Susanna Leonard Hill’s Holiday Helpers Contest, but as I edited my “tub tale” – “Jaguar’s First Christmas” – I thought, “Why not?” Below is the shortened version of my previous post. Susanna challenged the KidLit community to write a story about Christmas helpers in 250 words or less. All the contest details can be found at

And if you want a lengthier version of the story, head on over to my post at:

As I wrote in my previous post, this story was born out of pretending with my youngest while she was in the tub. A huge thank you to Susanna and all of the people who have generously offered prizes! Merry Christmas to you!

Jaguar’s First Christmas – 243 words

by Heather Cash Morris

“My VERY FIRST Christmas!” Jaguar clapped her paws.

On the other side of Christmas Forest, Little Horse whinnied.

“How to help Jaguar have the BEST first Christmas EVER? I know! Soft, green grass. She will love it.”

Wolf emerged from her den.

“How to help Jaguar feel welcome? What about a snowy present? To leap and roll in.”

Water Rat peeked out from his hole.

“Jaguar’s first Christmas. What gift would she like best? WATER! For swimming…she will love it.”

Little Horse neighed with delight, “I found some! The last green grass in this cold, cold winter.”

Prowling through the woods, Wolf caught sight of white.

“Powdery fluff. Just right.”

Water Rat snuffled along.

“Found the pond! Now how to wrap water?”

Christmas Day dawned bright and clear.

“Merry Christmas, Jaguar!” her friends cheered.

Jaguar purred.


A present of soft, green grass.

A gift of fluff-cold snow.

A jar of crystal-clear water.

Jaguar was quiet. Her three friends realized something.

“I love soft, green grass.” Little Horse sighed.

“And I like to leap in the snow,” murmured Wolf.

“Do you even like water?” Water Rat wondered.

“We gave you gifts that we wanted!”

Jaguar smiled.

“Little Horse – I have longed for a soft bed.

Wolf – I have wanted to feel snow.

And Water Rat – I could use a cool drink.”

“You mean…you like our gifts?” Water Rat asked.

“They are perfect! Your welcoming friendship is the greatest gift of all.”

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