October submission for Press 53’s 53 word contest

Press 53 is a unique publisher of poetry and short stories and other fiction. Each month, they sponsor a 53-word “story” contest focused around a specific monthly prompt. Check out past winners and this month’s prompt here.

In October, I participated in the 53-word challenge using the prompt “brewing”. The story can only have 53 words, which sounds deceptively simple. Below is my entry for October:

Coffee Tornadoes

By Heather Cash Morris

Glancing out the window, she absently stirred her coffee. “Mmmm, too hot,” she murmured. Swirling, curling – the cream and sugar a mini-vortex in her mug.

The weatherman on the radio droned on about watches and warnings and counties. “Sounds like that tornado is close.” Sirens howling, glass shattering, coffee no longer remembered.

Copyright 2020

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