Imaginative, Playful Buses

About three years ago, my youngest child and I had a funny conversation about what school buses might do during the school day, while their children were sitting in their classrooms. And so began my picture book journey!

“What School Buses Do When They’re Not With You!”

You may think that school buses sleep in their parking lot all through the day…but they just might have you fooled!

“They rumble and roar,

As they cart you to school.

But the buses are sneaky,

They might have you fooled.

What might school buses do

When they’re not with you?”

“Don’t Be Late, Bus 78”

Bus 78’s imagination lands him in trouble every day – he is always late. But when he finally pretends to be a vehicle with zip, you may want to get out of his way!

“Bus 78 was always late.

No matter how much gas he guzzled or how loudly his passengers bellowed or how many other cars zipped past him, Bus 78 was still late.

Because it is hard to go fast when you are climbing…

…To the top of a tall mountain.

Struggling and scuttling to the summit…success!

Chilly wind whipped around his windows.

Parked on the peak, he could see for miles.

He had to pause and admire the view.”

“Don’t be late, Bus 78!”

Copyright © 2020 by Heather Cash Morris

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