Pandemic School Part 5

Photo by Oleg Magni on Unsplash

Texts from Connie’s Mom, Day One

10:00 pm

Connie isn’t doing

well, so they’ve admitted her

to COVID unit. More soon.

10:10 pm

Her temp still too high.

Send this message on to the

prayer group. Pray!

10:36 pm

Doc just here and

he is worried about her O2

levels. Ventilator

10:36 pm

Likely. No, don’t know

What is going on with Caleb.

He’s home alone sick

10:36 pm

But still better than

His sister. Trying not to blame him

But impossible.

10:58 pm

Connie finally stable

No ventilator yet. Tell Maddie

I think all will be well.

11:06 pm

Good night. More tomorrow.

Texts from Connie’s Mom, Day Two

9:26 am

No sleep last night.

Low O2 alarm kept going off

But Connie still alive.

4:15 pm

Doc says she is

Here for the long haul.

And so am I.

Texts from Connie’s Mom, Day Three

1:15 pm

Bone tired. Hungry.

No change for Connie. Maybe

That is good?

6:32 pm

Have not talked

To Caleb in three days.

Could you check on him?

Copyright ©2020 H.C. Morris

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