I love finding pictures of the good news – the best news – hiding in the ordinary, hiding in plain sight. Like today, as I stood in my laundry room and sewed up a hold in my dog’s crate pad before washing it. I had learned through experience that washing a dog bed with a hole in it equals a mess. ‘Why am I going to such trouble?’ I thought. ‘Why not simply purchase a new crate pad?’ Then it occurred to me, as I whip-stitched the hole closed in under five minutes, that not only was this a picture of frugality, but also that my present circumstances, my right-now, were a small picture of what Jesus does.

He takes the discarded, dirty, used people with holes in their hearts and He mends them, making them like new. He could legitimately throw all of us away – why take such trouble? He could just find those who are not so dirty or worn, though there are none. Each of us has gaping holes, all of us are caked in dirt. But, instead, He takes the time and trouble to mend those gaping hearts and to wash them. The thread that He uses for this mending and the soap He uses for this cleaning is beyond price, costly beyond measure…but those thoughts are for another day…

Still, just like my dog’s crate pad, our hearts, souls, spirits, lives bear scars from those holes and that caked-on dirt. When He makes all things new, He does not erase what came before, as if it never happened. Anyone looking at CeCe’s crate pad can still see evidence of damage, just like anyone looking at my heart could easily discern scars.

Yet, I remember – my LORD and Savior bears scars in His brought-to-life again body, showing the price He paid for His true love: His church, me. So when He mends me and leaves a beauty scar, I must rejoice that first, He loves me and makes all things new; and second, that my scars are lovely because of His scars.

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