A Liturgy for Walking the Dog

A little over a year ago, the musician, Andrew Peterson, recommended a book of prayers for specific times (also known as ‘liturgies’) during his “Behold the Lamb of God” Christmas concert series. At the time, I dismissed the book as too formal, too traditional, too structured for my walk with Jesus. But when Andrew Peterson proceeded to read one of the prayers from the book to begin the concert, I was struck by the beauty of the words, and the wisdom of reading a prayer that has been written before. Just as songs, hymns, and psalms remind believers of truth in spite of our feelings and circumstances, these prayers can return us to the truth of who we are when Jesus has rescued us.

I have since purchased the book and cannot recommend it enough. “Every Moment Holy” by Douglas McKelvey. Visithttps://www.everymomentholy.com/ for more information, and the book can be found at the Rabbit Room here: https://store.rabbitroom.com/products/every-moment-holy?variant=45501189838

The following is my attempt at emulating McKelvey’s masterful idea of writing prayers for those ordinary and extraordinary events of our lives. Events that we want to remember, and those that are so rote that we can do them without thinking. By talking to our Savior in the midst of every moment, His presence makes it holy.

Dear Giving Lord, Maker of all things,

The One Who plans all routes and guides our paths,

Walk with me this day as I walk one of Your creatures.

Every day, I find myself on this same worn path with this same companion.

Every day, the care of Your creation, in some small way, is placed into my hands.

Remind me, sweet Lord, of the picture this repetitious task paints;

Grant me eyes to see the tiny glimpse of Your perfect care and provision in this daily task.

Rain or shine, cold or hot, I walk the dog – for its well-being and training.

Cold-heart, soft heart, indifferent heart, repentant heart – every day, You walk beside me.

Just as I keep my charge from danger – cars, trash, other dogs – so You guide me in paths that are safe, in ways that I cannot even discern.

Thank You for this grace, to be a part of tending Your creation.

Thank You for this grace, that You walk beside me and never let me go.

Copyright © 2019 by HC Morris

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