Did You Dream?

I found these verses tucked into a small journal that I kept as a new mother. I vividly remember creeping into our son’s room at first light, to ensure he was still breathing. I wanted to know what he was thinking, what was he dreaming? When our son was born, a riptide of feelings welled up in me and dragged me out into a vast ocean of love that I had not known existed. Yet one more proof that the Biblical verse – “God is Love” – explains the human experience so well. How else to comprehend that love only grows and expands, is never-ending?

Did you see the morning break,

E’en though you were just awake?

What have your little eyes seen?

Did you have lovely dreams?

Did you dream of frogs and dandilions?

Or a whistling fall breeze

Whispering through trees?

Did you dream of these?

Did you dream of stars and swords (or pirate hoards),

Or a garden humming with bees,

Of ships on seas?

Do tell me, please…

Copyright © 2019 by H.C. Morris

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